Facilities & Charges @ Park Clinic

We have Non-AC Wards, AC Wards, Double bedded AC rooms, AC Single rooms and a Suite. Charges range from Rs.1,900/- for some pediatric ward beds, to Rs.3,800/- for double bedded rooms to Rs.8,100/- for Single rooms.

Adult, Male or Female Ward (Non AC) 2,200
Pediatric Ward (Non AC) 1,900
Two Bedded Rooms (AC) 3,800-4,800
Single Bedded Rooms (AC) 8,100-11,700
Nursery (Climate Controlled) 4,700
Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) 9,700
Ambulance Service As per distance

Charges include cost of stay, food, nursing and RMO services. They do not include food supplements, medicines, tests, private attendants, operation theatre charges and doctor's fees.

Terms & Conditions

» Patients from economically weaker background receive special discount on Bed Charges and selected investigations.

» Patients paying their total bill in cash get discounts.

» We encourage mothers to stay with their children except for babies in the Nursery or in Intensive care.

» The amount of deposit to be paid on admission varies according to the nature of procedure to be performed, with the minimum amount of deposit being Rs.15,000 for non operative patients and Rs.30,000 for operative and Rs.50,000 for ITU patients.

» We have tie ups with most major Third Party Administrators (TPAs) for cashless services only for Corporate and Private Insurance Companies.

» We are registered under Swasthysathi, West Bengal Healthy Scheme, ESIC, Kolkata Police & CESC

» We accept Cash, Debit and Credit Cards.

» Obstetrics and Gynecology: Special Packages available from Rs.20,100 to Rs.37,300 depending on patients and facilities.