Imaging Department

Imaging Instruments (X-Ray & USG )
» Siemens 500mS
» Tridoros6R
» Cr-30X & Drystar 5302
» Samsung Uss H60nf3k/wr(sw2f-45eb) & Aoc-HcL Monitor

CT-Scan Instruments
» Simens Somatom Sensation 16 Ct Scanner (50471) System Id G-XL-66877
» Drystar 5300 Camera of Agfa System Id-23408
» Pressure Injector of Nemato Vacum Cleaner & Medrad (Vistron Ct) with Advance window GE (HP & Dell)

Instruments Of Electrophysiology
» Rms Aleron 201
» Rms Maximus-32 with Hp Laser Jet P-1007

Routine X-Ray
» Cxr, Axr, Cx-spine, Ls-spine, Dl-spine, Dx-spine, Skull, Pns, Bone-age, Forarm, Tibia-Fibula, Wrist Ap, Hand (Ap, Lat, Obl), Neck, Nasophryanx, Coccyx, Kub, Pelvis, Si-Jt, Mastoid, Knee(Ap, Lat, Skyline), Thigh, Leg(ap, lat), Finger, Foot (Dp, obl), Shoulder (Ap, Lat), Clavical, Ankle (Ap, Lat), Hip(Ap, Lat)

Routine USG
» Us-W/Ab, Us-L/Ab, Us-Up-Ab, Kub Usg, Us-Pelvic, Us-Knee, Us-Brain, Us-Hand, Us-Neck, Usg Thyroid, Usg Leg, Usg Pregnancy profile, Usg penis, Usg Groin

Routine CT-Scan
» Ncct & Cect of Brain, Cs spine, Ls spine, Dl spine, Dorsal Spine, Thorax, Adrinal, Kub, Abdomen, Whole Spine, Hrct Thorax, Urography, Orbits, Sella/Pituitary, Hip, Cv-Juction, Larynx, Nasopharynx, Pns, Shoulder, Wrist, face, Mandible, Cisternography, Extrimites

Routine Electrophysiology
» EEG, NCV, EMG, Brachial Plexus, Rnst, Baer, Vep

Special Procedure

» Contrast Enema
» Contrast Meal Follow Through
» Gastrographin Swallow Oesophegus
» Asu, Rgu, Mcug, Ivp
» Cystrogram
» Upper GI contrast Study
» Genitogram, Stomatogram
» Distal Cologram
» Pericathitogram

» Ct-angio Brain
» VertebralAngio(Cervical)
» Extrimites Angio
» Mylogram with contrast
» Ct-guided Biopsy
» True cut Biopsy
» Ct-guided Fnac

» Foliculometry
» Anatomy Scan
» Tvs, Trus Prostate
» Usg guided Biopsy
» Venous Doppler study
» A+V Doppler study
» Carotid Doppler
» Kub Doppler
» Doppler study of both lower limbs